How to use memory card as Internal Storage in Android

Most of the low budget mobile phones have less internal storage. If the internal storage is very less then you cannot install new applications on your android mobile phone. To use the your external memory card as internal storage then just follow the steps given below.


Read this before trying this technique

  • This technique woks only if your device is marshmallow or above versions of android marshmallow.
  • Not every memory card will work as internal memory
  • Use atleast class 10 memory card.
  • Your memory card will be formatted during this process.
  • Backup all the datas from your memory card.
  • Try this at your own risk.

Steps to use sd card as internal memory in Android

  • Go to Setting and then Click on ‘Storage and USB’ in the setting menu of your android device.
  • Click on your Memory card name which is  under the ‘Portable storage’ section.
  • Now click on Format as internal
  • Now the device will ask you the pin or password or pattern lock of your mobile phone.
  • Enter your device password.
  • Now a confirmation page will open on the screen.
  • It will say you to backup all the memory card data before erasing all the datas.
  • Then confirm it by clicking on Erase and Format.
  • Now you can use your memory card as internal storage.
  • You can check it in your storage setting on your android device.

PS : Try this at your own risk. We are not responsible if any data loss occurs.

If you have any doubts then ask as in the comments section.

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