5 Tricks to Improve your Android phone performance

Android is the most popular mobile operating system all over the world. It is an open source operating system. Android mobiles can also be easily customized by the users. There are also chances for your and mobile lag a lot. To improve your performance of your android mobile follow these simple 5 tricks.

Remove the Live Wallpaper and Widgets


Don’t use live wallpaper for your Android device. Live wallpaper can be attractive but they will consume more power than normal pictures. So it is better to avoid Live wallpaper and animated images. They may also slow down the device. This makes your Android phone lag. By avoiding these your phone may work faster than normal.

Uninstall Unused Applications


If there are any unused apps in your mobile then remove those apps. In everyone’s mobile there are some apps that we doesn’t use and also we don’t uninstall those app. Uninstalling those apps will give you some extra space for your mobile. This may also improve the performance of your android mobile.

Clear the Cache


Almost all apps use the cache for the storage of its fast access datas. It is better to clear the cache of the applications regularly.

To clear the cache follow these steps:

  • Go to setting in your android device.
  • Click On Apps.
  • Next Click on the application which¬†You want to clear the cache
  • Click on storage option and then click clear cache.

Maintain sufficient storage

android-storageIf your device storage is full then your mobile phone may lag. So always keep at least 5% of your phone storage free. Try to delete the unwanted and junk files from the phone. It is better to move the files to google drive , dropbox..etc.

Reset the Mobile


If your phone is too slow then you should factory reset your mobile. Before resetting your mobile make sure that you take up the backup of all the datas.


Pro Tip : Don’t use any external softwares such us ram booster, battery backup. Because these app may slow down your android device.

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